The Gospel and LGBTQ

Resources for Further Growth

Questions for Group/Family Discussion

Sexual Orientation

  • What’s the most difficult part about discussing sexual orientation?
  • What’s the difference between homosexual temptation and sin?
  • How can it be sin if someone is born with LGB desires?
  • What ways can the church help someone follow Jesus while continuing to struggle with LGB attraction?
  • How would you go about sharing the gospel with a same-sex couple?


  • When it comes to the transgender movement, most Christians tend to be either pugnacious culture-warriors or unthinking empathizers. Which side do you lean toward?
  • What are some ways your ideas of manhood and womanhood have been shaped more by culture than by Scripture (for example, colors associated with different genders)?
  • How has social media shaped your view of manhood and womanhood?
  • Why do you think God would make masculinity and femininity such a vital part of the image of God he implanted in each of us (Gen 1:27)?
  • How do biblical gender roles portray the gospel (Eph 5:22-26)?
  • How does Paul’s explanation of the corruption of creation in Romans 8:20-22 help us have compassion for our transgender friends?
  • Why is it difficult to love trans folks without affirming their lifestyle? What are some ways to make sure we express truth with love and grace?